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Frequently asked questions

We often encounter some frequently asked questions and hear a lot of myths surrounding the world of online gambling. At our website we want to put things straight and give you a honest answer to these questions. It is understandable that those who are less experienced might have some misconceptions and that every human being is of course cautious when it comes to their own money and internet payments and therefore want to know if online gambling really is safe.

To give a straight answer, online gambling works fine and safe for about 99.9 percent of all gamblers. But as there are several millions of people playing each day there are always some who encounter a problem.

Below we will talk about some myths around online gambling and list some potential problems which might arise when playing at an online casino.

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frequently asked questions

What if I encounter technical problems during a game?

This is a question we often hear, and it is a logical question for sure. If you play a hand in blackjack for 1,000 EUR in a physical casino down in Vegas there is little that can happen. If you play online, there are theoretically a few unfortunate situations possible: what if my internet connection is down during a game? What if my computer suddenly crashes and I have to reboot?

Even if these problems are of course unique to the world of online gambling, you do not need to despair if such a situation might occur. Online casinos are forced by law to keep logs of all games that are being played – and this happens fully automatically by the gaming software which a casino uses. If something happens – whether the source is your computer or perhaps the server of the casino – this will always be registered.

What to do during connection problems?

If this for example happens to you (ie. you are betting a certain amount but cannot finish the game due to a technical time out) it is wise to contact the online casino’s help desk. It is always a good thing to send some form of proof if you might have any (for example a screenshot of a picture of your screen in case a game crashes and is not replying). It is important for any online casino to make sure that each games happens in a honest way. They are not only checked by the gaming authorities of the country they are based in, but also need the business of you and other gamblers. Most of the times, a casino will decide to refund you the wagered bet if you might have lost some money because of some connection problems. In many cases this might even happen automatically and there is no need to contact the casino!

To prevent these kind of problems from happening we do advise you to make sure you have the latest version of your preferred internet browser, flash and operating system. Playing on an ancient computer can not only cause the games to lag and the website to run slow, but it can also cause several more modern games such as highly advanced slot machines to crash when playing them.

Where do I turn when things go wrong?

Gamblers who like to wager a bet at a physical casino – but who are not known with the world of line gambling – often ask this understandable question. Let’s envision the situation that you are playing at a real casino in Las Vegas and face a problem. You can then of course turn straight to the dealer, croupier or any other casino employee. Every casino has a floor manager who is authorised to solve any possible complaints. This often happens fast and effective if you are indeed in your right. But is it the same at an online casino?

Most online casinos do have a special help desk with specially trained employees to handle all your complaints or answer all your questions. It can differ between casinos in which way you can contact them. Most casinos do allow you to contact the help desk by email or phone, but often also Skype, social media accounts and even WhatsApp or live chat services are offered. You can file a complaint or ask a question at any moment during the day and often you will get a definite reply in 24 hours.

Filing a complaint

When you file a complaint or ask a question, we advise you to remain calm and professional. Explain calmly and precisely your problem, and make clear how you prefer to see the situation solved (the demand should be reasonable). If you have any possible documentation about your problem do send it along (for example a credit card statement if you might have deposited money but the amount has not arrived yet at your online casino account).

It is of utmost importance for the casino to help you and solve your problem. Online casinos do have to abide to as many laws as physical casinos and are being checked and regulated at the exact same way by local gaming authorities and other services. It is also the reputation of the casino which is on the line. If there would be a few dozen reviews online of dissatisfied customers who feel robbed of their money by an online casino and not being heard, it can cause a considerable downturn in profits and new customers.

What to do when no solution is reached?

In the extremely rare case that a casino cannot help you with your complaint and has done everything to try to solve it, you can find a solution on a higher level. For example, you can start writing to the competent gaming authorities of the state or country where the online casino is based.

We want to emphasise that you should not be worried when playing at an online casino as the chance that something goes wrong is extremely small, let alone the situation that a casino is unable or does not want to solve the problem.

Is online gambling reliable?

This is perhaps the question we hear most of the time when it comes to online casinos.

There are a lot of myths on the internet where it is written that online gambling is not reliable. Such stories are simply said unfounded: online casinos have to abide to regulations in the country they are based in which are as strict as the rules which would count for physical casinos. If cheating would indeed happen, then online casinos would have their business closed down already by the authorities.

The same counts for the software which is being used by online casinos. Software for real time slot machines at physical casinos is tested and secured and the the job a croupier performs behind the roulette table is double checked. And this is exactly the same way how it happens at online casinos. Numbers, the spinning of the roulette wheel, cards etcetera, they are all drawn completely random to ensure a fair game.

Chances of winning

Another myth, one which actually is also often heard at physical casinos and not solely at online casinos, is about your chances of winning, especially when playing slot machines.

When you are playing with an online casino which uses accredited software and operates under a valid licence in a country renowned for its online gambling industry such as in Europe, North America or one of the tax havens in the Caribbean, you do not have to worry about this. Just like physical casinos are regulated and checked by inspectors on surprise visits to see if indeed all is happening fair, the same happens in the world of online casinos. Also online casinos have all their activities logged by the software which is used. Every bet that is made, every payment, every game conclusion is being saved in the logs which are being checked by inspectors. This way there is always a check whether or not a casino is operating honestly.

Online casino software

The same counts for the software which is used by online casinos for their gambling games. These pieces of software have to pass several strict demands before they are licensed and are tested exhaustively by simulating millions of games. This way, the gaming authorities check whether the result in practice is the same which should happen in theory. You can therefore rest assured that when waging a bet on the roulette table the chance is as big that the ball will drop at your number as would be the case with a croupier doing the same in a physical casino.

Simply put, the world of online casinos is quite the same as the non-virtual world: there are thousands of gamblers who see their bets evaporate, but also hundreds who go home winning a nice amount of money.

Is online gambling addictive?

Online gambling is certainly not more (or less) addictive in all and every situation when comparing it to physical casinos. It is however the case that online gambling has some negative sides which are unique to the virtual world of the internet. Where it takes some effort to wage a bet at a physical casino (you have to get dressed, leave your house, and perhaps even drive a big distance before you arrive at the nearest casino) this is certainly not the case with online casinos. Where physical casinos often close down in the night, online casinos are open 24 hours, 7 days a week – and they can be reached from whatever location you are, whether you are lazing in your bed, are on a suburban train to work, or sitting on your living room couch. This makes it a lot easier to gamble.

If you therefore think you have an inclination to a gambling addiction, think you might spend too much money or if you are living on a limited monthly budget and cannot really miss any money as otherwise you hit problems, we h3ly advise you to take precautionary measures. This can mean seeking out professional help with a psychologist or at an addiction clinic, or simply never start gambling if you are new to the world of online gambling.

Setting your own gambling limit

Online casinos do have one big advantage above physical casinos: you can put your own limit. A lot of online casinos give you the opportunity to set a limit which you can deposit with an online casino per week or month. If due to some bad luck you lost your gambling budget and are about to deposit more money with your credit card to your account – money that you really need for more serious matters such as paying your rent or your kids’ college tuition – the casino will then decline your transaction. Of course this tool will not solve everything and gamblers can easily try another casino, but it may work preventing some gamblers form making ill-informed decisions after having lost a bet.